Comic 364 - And now: Stirges.

22nd Oct 2020, 4:25 PM in Chapter 8
And now: Stirges.
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Author Notes:

22nd Oct 2020, 4:25 PM
Read that in John Cleese’s voice: Stirges. Stirges. I hate those blood sucking rat bats.

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22nd Oct 2020, 8:22 PM
Great work
22nd Oct 2020, 9:02 PM
Thank you!!
23rd Oct 2020, 6:55 AM
Man, this takes me back! I've gotten very close to Total Party Kills (TPK) in the past with Stirges. Flying critters who suck the life from party members...and anyone trying to save a victim has to risk hitting the victim and damaging him, too.
23rd Oct 2020, 2:03 PM
Stirges are the worst. I hate them. They are scumbag hunks of gross vermin. AND they really can decimate parties, it's true.
23rd Oct 2020, 12:48 PM
So *that's* whatcha call those trophy skeeters in Minnesota and Alaska!
23rd Oct 2020, 2:04 PM
More like mosquitoes from Louisiana.
23rd Oct 2020, 9:36 PM
Ever *see* a Minnesota skeeter?
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