Comic 279 - The Status of Things.

9th Sep 2018, 2:46 PM in Chapter 6
The Status of Things.
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Author Notes:

9th Sep 2018, 2:46 PM
I have four threads going in the comic right now. If this was an HBO tv show this would be about the time in the episode for there to be a song that would play, and they would show all the characters emoting and gazing off in the distance while the music explained everything to us. In this case I'm playing This song:

The reason why I chose this song is because when I was 14 I really liked Enya. I was an odd child and grew up to be an ever more bizarre adult, but I wanted to make this comic, which is about my D&D adventures as a teenager, to touch on some of the music I listened to when I was role-playing this adventure. Also I still think the song is good and the lyrics are evocative of what the characters are going through.
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