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What is going on?

I know it looks awesome, but what is happening, you ask? Well this comic is about the Classic Module, The Keep on the Borderlands by Gary Gygax written back in the 70's.

After Mr. Gygax died in '08, I reflected on how important Dungeons and Dragons was to my life. I started playing when I was 10 with the Basic D&D red box set. I played a 6 year Advanced D&D campaign starting as a Freshmen in High School. Even when I went for years without playing, I always loved the process of a table top RPG game, and being a Dungeon Master. I decided the best way to honor Gary Gygax and the effect D&D has had on me was to bring together the Original Rules I started with, my favorite campaign setting, Mystara, characters from my High School campaign who are important to my inner mythology, then play through adventure and draw the campaign from the point of view of the characters experiencing them. I thought it would be great fun to even roll out the fights and skill checks. Yes, that is playing Dungeons and Dragons by myself, but it's fun for me to have to take the time to write character reactions to bad rolls. Additionally, that means no character is safe, and every fight has the potential to be lethal.

So the characters I have in the comic are:

The PCs

  Cullyn Blaine: An exiled nobleman. He was sent to a Wizarding School as a youth, but he never had any talent. He trained in fencing and after a falling out with his family, left home to make his way as  a mercenary.

 Trenton Thandenning: A student from the same Wizarding School as Cullyn, however Trenton was a star student. However, he also thought of himself as an adventurer and after graduation never returned to his Upper Class Merchant family.

 Hacklore Killjoy: The third student from the same Wizarding School. Hacklore is the child of two adventurers that were the companions of the Headmaster, Eztar. Hacklore has elven blood in him and retains the natural aptitude for magic that precluded the need for getting tattoos to be the conduit for Eldritch powers. He is generally a self-serving asshole.

 Sylvanius: Also known as Blueblade. He is a Elf from Alfheim who left under mysterious circumstances. He knew Trenton, Cullyn and Hacklore as children.

 Illerya: A Cleric of Benekander. Her church is very new and only has a single Temple with two monks. Illerya saw a vision of Benekander and sought out the Church, she has been a Cleric for two weeks and is a reactionary.

 Sarken: A Halfling who wants to be a Merchant. The Known World is a hard place and he's trying to make is fortune so he can retire to the Five Shires like a king.

 Frya: A Dwarven Warrior. She's defied the path set for her by her Clan and she's struck out on her own to earn her fortune.

The NPCs:

Napoleon: A half-orc mercenary hired by Hacklore,. He is incredibly strong, but a bit of a simpleton.

Darkwyn Strange: A human Mercenary hired by Hacklore. He's bloodthirsty, but never bathes.

Hawkeye: A human Mercenary who used to serve The Merchant but has pledged a year's service to Hacklore for being rescued from the Hobgoblin's kitchen

Reginald:A human Mercenary who used to serve The Merchant but has pledged a year's service to Hacklore for being rescued from the Hobgoblin's kitchen

Chapter 1

The party has all been hired by Sarkin who wants to head to the Northern part fo Karamekios to invest in forest property to log it for lumber. Hyjinks occur along the way.

Chapter 2

The party has committed themselves to clear out an Orc nest. They have bitten off more than they can chew.

Chapter 3

The aftermath of the first attempt to clear the dungeon. The final result and then the party continues on to the Northern Karamekios wilderness.

Chapter 4

The two different parties makes it to the Keep, join forces and then get into even more trouble.

Chapter 5

The party deals with the results of their troubleshooting skills.


I hope that you enjoy the comic. I have the whole story written and I'm just trying to get the comic written and finished so the Internet can read it. It is actually alot of work to get this much comic done and I'm drawing everything myself and learning as I go. You can follow me on twitter or facebook or instagram. I would like to be able to draw this full time and get to all the other stories I would like to tell. If you would like to help me reach that goal, check out my patreon page.

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